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Annual Exams



Annual Exams

Question:  How often should I have a gynecological well woman exam?

Answer:   Yearly! 

At the time of the exam we assess your blood pressure and weight.  You receive an examination of the breasts, thyroid, abdomen and gyn organs.  You and your physician will discuss diet/exercise, domestic safety, family history, surgical history etc.  If appropriate your physician may offer vaccinations.  At well woman visits mammograms, bone density scans, colonoscopies, hormone replacement therapy, and birth control options will also be discussed. 


Question:  Do I get a pap smear every year?

Answer:   No

As Board Certified Physicians, we practice within the guidelines of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).


The appropriate screening time and intervals are:

▪Age 21-29:  pap smear every 3 years (pap needs to be normal)

▪Age 30-65: pap smear every 5 years (previous pap needs to be normal and negative for HPV)

▪Age 65 & Older: pap smear is no longer indicated as long as previous pap within the past 5 years was normal.


*Testing starts at the age of 21 through the age of 65 on any woman with a cervix

*HPV is a virus associated with abnormal pap smears, pre-cancer and cancer of the cervix